Where is the service delivery madam Mayor?

Service delivery is not merely about providing much needed service like water and electricity to communities across the country.

The delivery of basic services entails a lot more including crucial necessities for the general public to survive. The basics of service delivery include a wide range of responsibilities like availing and ensuring that communities have and receive clean water, electricity, making sure that road users have access to good safe roads which are free from potholes. Mayors responsible for the running of cities and towns and their councillors must act responsibly by implementing   by –laws which govern these cities and towns.  They must also ensure that their environment remains clean; electricity must be availed to all communities especially at night.We are concerned that in Mahikeng and other parts of the province, there has been out cry from communities about the continued lack of services delivery more so about the pothole infested roads, the growth of tall un-maintained grass in many parts of the city. Complaints from the public is that the local municipality is doing very little to address the filthy environment in the area. There is a general lack of service delivery and keeping Mahikeng clean by addressing among others littering of refuse all over town.  There is an increasing level of lawlessness with hawkers  doing as they please;  setting up illegal businesses   structures anywhere in town and at every corner; showing no regard for by-laws  and escalating and increasing reports of corruption in local municipal structures .
Our call is for Mahikeng to wake-up and smell the coffee! We don’t want to be left  behind during this development era.