Shake-off the monkey on your backs, ANC

Widespread  allegations about the involvement of the African National Congress in gross looting of public funds from various government institutions, SOEs  and structures all over South Africa  has during recent times increased to frightening levels in the public space.
Public   debate about this  deplorable scourge which has unfortunately caused irreparable harm to the country’s economy  - but remains untested in many cases  -  has also  placed the ANC at  the centre of these allegations which seem to be  seen as an  accepted norm and way of life by  different factions within the ruling party.

South Africans from almost all  walks of life including politicians, the media, opinion makers,  political observers  and analysts have all expressed  their believe that the ANC is made up of a bunch of  corrupt wrongdoers who have an continue to  cripple this country’s economy.
For instance, the ANC and its cadres have been blamed for collapsing several municipalities across the country by looting public funds through either corrupt tenders systems or other illegal and irregular processes.
In his weekly column, popular political analyst, Prince  Mashele reported this week that “ANC thugs have like in other provinces, looted public money until the town previously a beautiful town (Harrismith) literally collapsed”.
Mashele argued that the ANC looters had crippled the entire Free State province including various other towns in the province whose municipalities have been left to rot from poor services delivery programmes including lack of water, electricity and collapsed refuse collection programmes and blocked drains whose sewer spillages flow freely in the damaged streets. The capital city, Bloemfontein is currently under administration and several other municipalities were this week added to the ever growing list.
He said as had been reported  at the Zondo commission into state capture , the entire ANC had been captured which would make it difficult for ANC President , Cyril Ramaphosa to arrest any ANC member implicated in stealing state funds as this would  collapse the entire ANC movement.
In the North West, North West Premier Job Mokgoro who is also an ANC veteran announced in his state of the province (SOPA) address in Mahikeng last week that  out of the 22 municipalities in the province, several still remained under national government’s administration  following poor services resulting from among others, allegations of corruptions in these entities.
The ANC must be concerned by these allegations against many of its members   which continue to paint a highly negative picture of the organisation in the light of the upcoming municipal elections and  could make it difficult for the liberation movement to make any new inroads into communities if the “looters” label remains in place on its back.
This, we argue, could be difficult to shake-off for a party whose many members are believed to be deeply involved in wide-spread corruption and looting of state funds if the liberation movement fails to find real and lasting solutions to the worrisome public opinion against its members.