North West government must help to rebuild the country’s economy

South Africa slipped into a technical recession this week as our economy took a second hard knock against global economies since President Cyril Ramaphosa took office in 2018. The performance of our economy which is mostly reliant on job creation and the strength of local state owned entities (SOEs)  have during recent months dipped to very worrisome  unprecedented levels.

Reacting to the news of the downward performance as released by StatsSA on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa said he was not really surprised by the situation as the problem had been expected. Like many South Africans, we are very worried about the entire recession which could have a huge impact on job security, rising debt and low growth. The current economic situation of South Africa has become the most pressing challenge for the nation and the sooner politicians spread across the length and breadth of the country realise that, the better.  In the North West, provincial government officials and politicians must be reminded that the lives of people are more important than their egos and indeed selfish attitudes. The delay in the provincial government assisting the holders of the concession for the development and management of the Mahikeng Airport has come under heavy criticism from the owners of Roucomm Systems currently responsible for the management of the airport. The provincial administration is at loggerheads with  Roucomm Systems  for the return of the Mahikeng airport license lent to Pilanesberg airport several years ago. The development  of the Mahikeng airport  into an important economic growth contributor will play a leading role in creating economic growth for the region which is what Roucomm  Systems has been advocating for. North West Premier, Job Mokgoro said in his SOPA address to the provincial legislature last week that the economy of Ngaka Modiri Molema region was largely held back by lack of development of Mahikeng as the capital city  and in particular government’s failure  over the years to develop the Mahikeng airport  precinct . “We believe that Mahikeng has the potential to develop into a viable aerotropolis to connect the North West to the rest of South Africa’s economy and the world adding that the provincial government would support the initiative to resuscitate Mahikeng’s economy through investment in social and economic infrastructure. We therefore call on the provincial administration to assist s every effort which might help in creating economic growth in the province. Stop opposing and frustrating attempts from which your government would benefit and which in turn would create programmes aimed at developing the poor and communities from all walks of life”. South Africa currently needs every effort which will help rebuild our economy.