It’s time for South Africans to now stand united

Indeed, the time for South Africans to stand together against the  worldwide pandemic, Coronavirus or COVID-19 is now and not later.

There is no more time for people to play the blame game accusing each other of having let the country down by not acting on time or for having failed to do this and that. It is a known fact that it is usually during times like these, very tough times, that South Africans always put aside their differences and club together against a common challenge.
It surely is time for us to, as a united nation, mobilise and put forward all our resources as citizens of what is again recognised as a true rainbow nation and work together in our resolve to destroy this life-threatening enemy – for good.
Right now, we need to support each other . It is especially the most vulnerable people within our communities who need all the support they can get.
In the words of Keri-Leigh Pascal, executive trustee of Nation Builder, “ It’s perfectly understandable that we want to focus on our own survival – but is vital that all of us, businesses, and individuals alike, stand together  and make any contribution we can to get our nation through this crisis for companies , staying committed to corporate social investment (CSI)  and social impact programmes may not seem to make sense in the short term, but now it the time for South African businesses to take a long term view”.
It is for these reasons that we welcome the financial contributions made by both the Rupert and the Oppenheimer families who according to President  Ramaphosa donated R1 Billion each as well as the R5m donated by Mergon Group of which Nation Builder is a member and the millions and thousands donated by several other “cool” South Africans. The funds will be used to provide for much needed projects which will be affected during the nationwide 21 days lockdown period.  In support of SANCO’s view on the lockdown, we  believe that the  lockdown will give South Africans an opportunity to reflect on how we relate to each other and reboot the spirit of Ubuntu which has sustained our communities over centuries.