ANC facing serious challenges

The brutal murder of South African National Civic Organisation (SANCO) member in the North West on Monday, Thabo Moroa who was also SANCO Maboloka Branch chairperson and died after he and a 17-year-
old boy who stayed with him were gunned down at his home in the village was yet another sign of the serious situation the ANC finds itself in at this time of elections.

Observers have already predicted that the senseless act would certainly not win the ANC votes at the local government polls in two months time but could seriously damage the organisation’s performance and support at the polls.

Moroa who was described as a humble son, a loving husband and a father, a courageous, selfless leader, a visionary and committed cadre who was committed to development and uplifting his community has now been lost to both the ANC and SANCO.

His untimely death is a blow that has left a huge void,” said Provincial Chairperson, Paul Sebegoe in appealing for calm.

He said that uninformed speculation as to who might be responsible for Moroa’s death would only serve to advance the agenda of those who wish to sow divisions within the revolutionary alliance and the
ranks of the progressive movement ahead of the local government elections.

ANC NEC members, Edna Molewa said in a radio interview this week that she did not believe Moroa’s murder was the work of a third force.

Some opinion-makers have argued that this week’s violence in Pretoria and neighbouring townships and villages pointed to the possible involvement of those outside the ANC wishing to add more damage to the ruling party and its alliance partners.

This is difficult to prove as many ANC supporters have raised concern about the replacement of former Tswana mayor, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa with Thoko Didiza.

ANC deputy secretary-general, Jessie Duarte said on Tuesday that “the conflict in Tshwane is less about Thoko Didiza and more about vested interests”. She said the allegations about a conspiracy would “need to be investigated first”.

Other opinionists believed that ANC opposers where “supporting the disgruntled ANC members in causing mayhem, anarchy and destruction of property in the city” and in other parts of the country where the police were involved in running battles with hooligans and criminals posing as ANC protesters. “These people are clearly making use of the ANC problems”.

Anyway South Africans look at the situation, it points to the ANC having to work even harder to get their house in order before August 3 although it seems to be too late to save face.