Whither the ANC?

So the much talked about 2016 local government elections have come and gone. Well, not totally gone yet as there remained too many loose ends at the end when the results were announced last weekend by IEC officials in Pretoria. The much anticipated election brought into play a new era in South African politics as participating parties, which all failed to gain outfight victory in some municipalities, this week prepared to establish coalitions to topple especially the African National Congress as the majority party in the elections.

Following their poor performance in the elections which saw them drop about eight percent in the overall national and provincial votes, ANC supporters remained hopeful that their party would take the advice of the many political analysts who analysed the votes after the announcement of the outcome of the elections.

ANC supporters including their alliance partners were especially very worried when the results were released with both COSATU and SANCO expressing “deep regret” . They are now hoping for successful coalitions with different parties since the ANC had failed to garner enough votes to allow them to become outright winners of the different municipalities as was the case in Rustenburg where they only managed 48 percent of the votes.

Unlike in 1994 when they annexed 61.89 votes, the ANC only managed to collect 54 percent of the votes in the North West.

COSATU general secretary in the province, Job Dliso said this week that their national leaders would today (Thursday) meet the National leadership of the ANC to decide on what next to do after the poor showing of the ANC at the polls.

“The ANC will need to enter into a coalition with at least one of the opposition parties so as to achieve a majority and avoid losing total control of the council (Rustenburg) . The meeting on Thursday between the leaders of COSATU and the ANC will look at the ANC’s position of forming coalitions with other parties and it will only be after that meeting that we will be able to have a definite position”, Dliso reportedly told the NEWAGE newspaper yesterday.

On behalf of SANCO, Packet Seaketso said in a statement over the weekend that the election results which showed that the ANC victory in the province were too slim to celebrate, were “a wake-up call” for the ruling party alliance.

“We need to do things right, lest the ANC dies in our hands. If the ANC continued to push people who were not popular, the inevitable defeat and demise of the ANC will not be far . We have a situation where places like Madibeng posted a drop of 20 percent . That’s unacceptable and we need to realise that people are gradually getting disgruntled. If we do not stem the tide now, we are going to be buried in the subsequent elections. Factional battles have only worked to discredit the party.

Factions are going to kill the ANC and we have to quickly close ranks and get rid of these and get rid of these divisions”, Let’s have a leadership that deals with issues in the ANC way because the people can tolerate us for just but a while”, Seaketso lamented.

Political analysts have already predicted that by the next general elections, the ANC would be in tatars and will be fielding a very sick and limping organisation ready for total defeat. Those ANC diehearts, are hoping for a better future for their trusted liberation movement and are still hopeful that the organisation would turn around its fortunes in the next elections.