Water crisis increases in Mahikeng

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The Mahikeng Local Municipality must be grateful Mahikeng residents are very patient. In fact, the locals are too patient. Their patience has proven to be detrimental for their own good leading to them being at all times on the receiving end of all the wrongs and total unfairness done to them by both the provincial government and municipalities who are supposed to provide much needed service to them.

ANC Government must speed-up state capture probe

Written by MafikengMail. Posted in Editor's Viewpoint

The recent developments in South Africa are fast changing the country’s political scene and could be driving the country into a totally new direction within the next two years or even a shorter period.
The alleged damning #GuptaEmailLeaks totalling just over more than 2000 e-mails first published by mainstream media three weeks ago followed by the expose’ about President Jacob Zuma reportedly having a mansion in Dubai did certainly not help especially the ruling ANC faced with multiple challenges as the country prepares for the 2019 elections.