The donkey syndrome

The story of the donkey in the North West province is a sad one. Most parts of the province make –up a large part of the former Bophuthatswana homeland under the rule of Kgosi Lucas Mangope. This where the painful story of the donkey began just over three decades ago.
About 31 years ago, Leah Mangope, the wife of the former strong man of the erstwhile Bophuthatswana homeland escaped a serious car accident involving a donkey when her chauffer driven car almost hit the ass on one of the rural roads of Bophuthatswana.

The real state capturers?

There are just too many incidents of coincidences in the ongoing saga around the survival of South Africa as a nation for thinking South Africans not to questions the timing of all these battles involving political parties, politicians, government, state-owned entities, financial institutions and indeed security agencies like the Hawks which came to head this week.

What has SA learnt from the Rio Olympic Games?

We joined all South Africans who this week warmly welcomed Team South Africa from the Olympic Games in Rio, Brazil this week. After- all, the entire team performed outstandingly well to achieve their ten- medal target which they set for themselves before they left the country to take part in the energy-sapping games. We unreservedly congratulate them for a job well done. They indeed displayed great team spirit and individual effort.