The DA has been living a lie after all

Mmusi Maimane and Helen Zille both current and former leaders of the Democratic Alliance (DA) have not been entirely truthful to South Africans and especially the 15 million who voted for their party in the May elections about the true status of the party.They told their supporters and followers that the DA stood for non-racialism and that the DA was a party for all South Africans and even made all other DA leaders in the party believe that in fact, the Democratic Alliance was an all-inclusive party which stood for all South Africans no matter their skin colour or race.

“Best wishes for matric class of 2019”

Mahikeng Mail and all its members of the North West Newspapers Group hereby extend their well wishes to the family of the Matric Class of 2019 spread across the country as they began the two months journey of the challenging period during which they will be writing their final year-end examinations.

As Education remains on the receiving end, South Africa needs to do something before it’s too late

There is no denying the fact that education remains on the back foot as far as the future of this all important part of the training of learners is concerned. There is also no refuting the fact that education is a stepping stone out of poverty, a key that equips individuals for a brighter future. Therefore, the quality and the professionalism that is required from those who offer education should be of the utmost highest importance.

2019 SATMAS brings to an end a controversial chapter in North West

When the curtains finally came down at the Mmabatho Conventions Centre on Sunday morning and the thousands of revellers who had come to enjoy the final round of the three-year spectacle of traditional music extravaganza coupled with a spectacular display of colourful attires by the audience, it also signalled the end of a contract in which the provincial government had spent millions of rands paid to an events management company residing from outside the province.

“Corrupt municipal officials are choking life out of the already “half dead” local government entities” - concerned public opinion

The reason why the North West Province has earned the status of the worst performing region when it comes to service delivery responsibilities in the country is because of the dismal performance of the 22 municipalities in the region.
And the reasons why this sickening status keep on recurring at the end of every finance year is because the financial management of most municipalities starting from their Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) down to their most junior ranks are not capable to handle issues of financial administration properly.