It’s time to probe these regime change claims

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The ever increasing claims that there were secrete international forces based in foreign countries but operating clandestinely in South Africa which were trying to force a regime change in South Africa need to be investigated before it is too late.

These claims which have become even louder during recent months were made by a large variety of South Africans who include among others, some leaders and members of the African National Congress, leaders and members of the Black First, Land First (BFLF) party have seemingly opened the way to be probed.

We believe that there appears to be enough grounds for so called political analysts in the country to “think out of the box” and approach these claims and their origins with open minds.

Leader of the BFLF, Andile Mngxitama has for a long time argued that these forces operating under the banner of white monopoly capital were behind all the problems South Africa was facing because their mission was to ensure that South Africa as a country did not remain in the hands of blacks.

Others leaders including Minister of state security, Mahlobo have spoken out about these international big brothers who in accordance with the latest developments and the current crises chocking the country to death seem to be winning the ongoing battle .

Former AZAPO leader and cabinet member, Mosibudi Mangena argued in a contribution piece in the Sowetan newspaper yesterday that South Africa was on a descent and her landing was likely to be rough.

“We are descending into kleptocracy, more poverty, higher unemployment levels, higher interest rates slower economic growth, less tax revenue and less capacity on the part of the state to pay for education, healthcare social grants public security and similar state obligations”, Mangena said.

All these are leading to less investment, higher inflation weakening of the SA rand (currency) and reduced ability for the poor to buy food and other necessities.

While we acknowledge that this argument is true and South Africa “has now begun her descent”, we say South Africans have to look deeper into the past and check how we got here.

Is it not time for true South Africans(not those who are having their bags packed and their passports ready to skip the country as soon as their countries- in-waiting give them the green-light) to look further than Jacob Zuma and the ANC?

We believe that, under the current and prevailing circumstances, we all have to look at every other ways and means to try and address and resolve South Africa’s challenges.

South Africa and South Africans in a sombre mood

Written by MafikengMail. Posted in Editor's Viewpoint

We have all been sadly touched by the recent passing of several outstanding figures in the history of South African as a country and we at Mahikeng Mail join all citizenry in mourning their passing.
While the passing of any member of the community is expected to affect different people in different ways in that community, the death of prominent figures within society are usually expected to be even more painful depending on their contribution and public standing and various other circumstances.