South Africans must be part of efforts aimed at building the economy

It is not surprising that most Africans believe that African countries need to re-prioritise and refocus their education careers on areas that will build their economies. As part of the African continent, South Africa is currently in a desperate need to put more emphases on growing its economy which would also help to uplift the country, her people and status.

SA, President Ramaphosa needs time and space to meet your demands, allow him that!

So the operational word has become “NOW” in the political development of South African politics after last week’s national and provincial elections with everybody remarking, “Now is the time; some saying, “the time is now”, others arguing that, “the time has now arrived and others explaining that, “the real work starts now”. All these references were made to the never-ending “to do list” of new responsibilities facing President Cyril Ramaphosa as he takes the country forward after the ANC’s slim 57.5 victory in the most recent elections amid the high expectations of millions of South Africans.

And so, life goes on

By the time you read this editorial comment, South Africans shall have completed their five-yearly assignments of having to vote for their favourite political party to represent their interests in the National Assembly (NA) and National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

All guns out for ruling ANC as campaigning draws to an end

As the long –awaited national elections for 2019 approaches its final corner before the big day on May 8, the governing ANC liberation movement can expect no favours from their opponents in the elections this time around.
With only a few days left before South Africans goes to the polls to chose their favourite party to lead the country for the next five to ten years, the ANC must brace themselves for all sorts of criticism and attack from all corners of the country led by opposition parties, their supporters, so called opinion makers, civil society representatives, political commentators, political activists and columnists as well as journalists.