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“No guns at schools please”, says Makaneta

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

Education activist Hendrick Makaneta lambasted the Educators Union of South Africa for encouraging teachers to bring guns to school.
Makaneta said the call was not only reckless but was wrong to the core as the move could lead to disastrous consequences for the entire terrain of education.
“We condemn EUSA’s call with the strongest possible terms.” Makaneta said.

The risks of youth unemployment and substandard education

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

In celebrating Youth Day, we are reminded that the uprising that began in Soweto more than 40 years ago was all about education, and how it profoundly changed the socio-political landscape of the country.
Today structurally high unemployment, growing income disparity and inequality as well as inadequate or substandard education and skills development count under the top five risks facing our country, says Christopher Palm, Chief Risk Advisor of the Institute for Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA).

TLU SA launches new image in agricultural industry

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

MAHIKENG MAIL – MAHIKENG: TLU SA today took the first step to a new, confirming approach to progress in the agricultural industry.
The organisation has been a beacon for South Africa’s commercial farmers since September 1897. Since its inception the view point has been to take a strong stand on behalf of the farmer, despite government or other role-players’’ agendas.