The ANC Ngaka Modiri Molema sixth regional elective conference

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The ANC in Ngaka Modiri Molema will be holding its regional conference this year amid the fanfare of electing the leadership collective that will run the region for the next three years.
This leadership collective will, in the next three years, be charged with the responsibility to guide ANC municipalities in the region to implement and discharge its constitutional mandate of extending and expanding basic services to the electorates.

“The best defence is always a good offence”

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Some people think of business as a game, and to me games always imply competition. So in the spirit of competition here’s my word of advice, “The best defence is always a good offence”. Human history seems to have a selective memory. It remembers those who are either first to do something, or the best at doing something or are different in the way they get things done. Our society does not recognise the guy who comes second. In fact, Olympic runners have a term for the first person to come in behind the winner...they call him the fastest loser!

Good luck, Emmanuel Macron!

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Forum 4 Service Delivery (F4SD) a civic - political group representing mainly the independent candidates would like to take this moment to say good of luck to newly elected France president,  independent candidate  Emmanuel Macron.