The art of business – # 7

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Sometimes when I ask entrepreneurs how their business is going they tell me things are difficult because they are not getting the right opportunities. However, the question I ask myself is am I ready for the big opportunities that may come my way. The truth is that we are met by opportunity every day but we don’t recognise it. A wise man once said that if you change the things you look at, the things you see will change.

EFF assemblies must elect correct leaders

Written by MafikengMail. Posted in Letters

The looming regional and provincial assemblies of the Economic Freedom Fighters in this province must elect correct leaders. The assemblies must get rid of dead wood and those who exhibit excessive parochialism. The incoming leaders should understand that at the centre of the EFF program of action is the attainment of state power and the implementation of the non-negotiable seven pillars which represent the apex policy position of the party.