Government should deploy soldiers in Vuwani

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Education Activist, Hendrick Makaneta called on government to deploy soldiers in Vuwani in the wake of looming protests. Makaneta said the future of innocent children of Vuwani cannot be allowed to be sacrificed by mindless acts of barbarism emanating from community members.

Purpose vs. Labels

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Growing up, adults always wanted to know what I wanted to be when I grow up. I don’t know how many times the answer to that question has changed in the forty year duration from then till now. However, if you’d ask me now, I’d tell you I’m a born entrepreneur. As easily as the justification to that answer collects in my mind, there develops a systematic resistance to each reason I produce.

The truth is that we are never totally anything. All throughout history good men have done heinous is true that men of peace are responsible for creating instruments of war. Even a bad man has some good in him. In that tone, I want you to think of yourself. What else are you? Most people see themselves as an expression of their highest achievement; whether it’s good or bad.

Most people tend to think of themselves or their businesses in terms of their if that is a true determination of purpose. For example Dr. Nthato Motlana is a great Black business icon, but I bet so many people couldn’t see him beyond his medical qualifications until he had broken way past their expectations of what doctors should achieve financially. The same rings true for you. Until you have redefined yourself in relation to someone else’s destiny you still have a lot of road-work ahead.

So, in conclusion, I would like to challenge you to take a closer look at yourself. In fact better yet, take a closer look at your dreams. Have you been using your dreams as instruments to suppress yourself or mechanisms to explore your potential? I wish to challenge you in this fashion, as long as there is a label for what you do then you haven’t truly reached your potential. If your dream is to own a big house, fast car and have lots of money then you have yet to discover your purpose. If you change how you see things then the things you see will change.

Article written by:

Koketso Motshumi

Business Coach

President Jacob Zuma is dood reg!!

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For those who ever thought the problems we have in our country lie with Jacob Zuma, please wait. Let me tell you, the problem is not the president. The problem is those who endorse him. So, who endorses the president? The ANC! And that is exactly where the problem is.

This hypocrisy of pointing a finger at the president, especially by ordinary members of the ANC on the ground every time he errs is irritating and works well for the ANC because they know very well that they are the problem and are happy to see us blaming the president. They are happy because they know when he leaves his party presidency in December there is hope that many disgruntled members will revert back to their ANC under the impression that the problem is gone. The fact of the matter is those who blame the president seem to be forgetting that, this president did not for himself, but was voted for, by the people. If you thought the ANC leadership is not happy with what he does, then wait for a motion of no confidence debate and see how happy they are with what the president does. The DA is calling for a debate on this motion knowing very well that it will never work. All they are trying to display before South Africans is for everyone to see where the problem is. The ANC are the people who brought this president to this nation saying he was the best. They do not give a damn that we have now been relegated to junk status and they worry about is their jobs, period. When the ANC was unhappy with Mbeki they removed him and in the same way if they were unhappy with Zuma, they would have removed him. In as much as ministers serve at his pleasure, so does he at the pleasure of the party.

The ANC are so excited to see us blaming the president because they know after the new president is installed at the end of the year, many will imagine that with Zuma’s departure all problems would be gone, when in fact it is going to be clear that the problem was never Zuma but those who endorsed him.

The whole cabinet reshuffle was all about the re-alignment of power so that Zuma can continue to rule from the grave come December 2017. It is a strategy designed to enable him to extend his term of office with the former wife. He was stopping the pendulum from swinging away from a trouble prone retirement. After all he has endorsed her on many occasions.

In the final analysis the noise about Zuma this, Zuma that is absolute nonsense. He is doing what the voters and the ANC are happy to see him doing. He did not vote for himself, he was voted for by the people and the people should celebrate the achievements of their chosen leader, period.

And those achievements include Nkandla scandal, Junk Status, Guptagate, SASSA fiasco, COPE formation, birth of EFF , COSATU break off, 700+ charges, etc. So, stop blaming the president, blame those who put a cross next to his head.

The other hypocrites are this COSATU. If they indeed wanted him out they would have called for a national stay away until he resigns. But because they have provided themselves as fodder for votes and are happy with him, all they do is provide lip service to the call for him to step down.