Open letter to North West Premier, Motlotlegi Prof. Job Mokgoro and Legislators

Sir, it was not an easy decision to pen this letter to print media. We are not taking this effort to embarrass or tarnish the reputational standing and image of your Office and our beloved government we massively voted into office. The resolution came after all available avenues were followed and exhausted. We are writing this letter directed to your good Office seeking your fatherly intervention as the Prime minister, first citizen, father and custodian of the welfare of your citizens. We are unison that your prompt intervention will bring all that we are yearning to fruition. We are law abiding citizens and residents of Airport View who are deliberately neglected by those who are tasked with the responsibility to provide electricity to our homes. Personal efforts in the form of countless visits to ESKOM Offices where effected but was met with deafening silence littered with arrogance, lies and bogus promises.

We have approached and sought intervention and assistance from the Office of Mahikeng Mayor, Office of Ward 2 Councillor, Office of the Public Protector, Officials and employees of ESKOM, whom we are told are in charge of the project. The only responds was to hold several meetings and kept lying that the services we are entitled to will be speedily attended within a week’s time-that was seven months ago in 2019 not to mention previous meetings which produced the same disappointing and frustrating outcomes. Delegations of over 20 women in August 2019 (women’s month) marched to ESKOM Offices and were informed that after 7 to 10 days all households will be electrified- as always that was just a ploy to dismiss them out of their sight. One wonders why they slack to complete an electrification project–which is now in the 5th year- almost 60% of the job was done. We are in the dark for over a period of five years-subjected to freezing winter season. Our families can’t visit us, we cannot cook for our families (we live from hand to mouth daily), we don’t have lights (crime has skyrocketed-criminals takes advantage of the situation), we bath our school going children with cold water, and we can’t have visitors, the list is endless.
To say the situation is unbearable-is an understatement. This type of mistreatment and abuse made us to think, whether your government is truly caring in fulfilling the provision enshrined in our constitution or this is just laziness, incompetence or pure dereliction of duty with no consequence management.
Motlotlegi Premier and Legislators what should be done to get attention of the regime to act and respond to the needs and provision of services?
# Should we burn tyres on the road?
# should we pelt passing cars and block traffic that goes to and from Mahikeng Airport?
# should we shout slogans and raise our fists?
# should our women undress naked and parade on the road?
# should someone die first?
# should we mobilise and advance the national key point (Mahikeng airport) and behave like insane and uncivilised people? Only God knows what might happen when we get there.
# Should the police be called to quell the unrest by shooting rubber bullets, effect arrests and even shoot to the death some of us?
Your administration has stretched our patience to the last lap. Sooner or later we are going to be labelled irresponsible and unreasonable. We cannot take this anymore.
Your Lieutenants are sabotaging your efforts to provide tangible service delivery that you espoused during SOPA (State of the Province Address). In the end the buck stops with you.
Should 14 days lapse after publication of this letter wherein our demands are not met and responded positively – we will be left with no option than to direct the same letter to national newspapers-if that also fails-we shall come up with unsuitable strategy.
No amount of irritation by those who fail to deliver will drive us away from being law-abiding citizen of our village and province because we have confidence, trust and sincerity in your new strategy to turn the situation around by availing services to where it is urgently required.
With you at the helm hopefully our request will not fall on deaf ears.
Airport View residents