‘What goes, what stays!’

People place value on different things. Homes are places to express ourselves surround ourselves with the things we love. When you sign a mandate over to an estate agent to sell your property be clear from the very beginning what you are leaving behind and what you are taking with you.

If you are a buyer , you need to check whether certain things in a property are being sold together with the property. In any sell don’t make assumptions . Ask particularly of things that get your attention.
We sold a ‘fixer –upper’ in Golfview. The interior had old furnisher , the layout was also quite dated. One thing we did notice though was the property had a lash well maintained garden. We brought in several clients to view the place and many saw the potential of the property. And like we did, more loved the garden.  We received an offer within the first week . It was not until the seller had to accept the offer that they indicated that they would be digging up a particular flowers from the garden. They explained how the plant only blooms after five years and that the period for the bloom had arived. We were not about to stop them. We braced to inform the buyer but luckily there were no objections. Fast forward two months after the sell and buyer had moved in; most trees had be cut down and  greater part of the yard paved.
It is a general statement that things that are fixed to the walls stay and all movable things shall be removed from the property. There is always cases were sellers make exceptions. A property was for sell in leopard park and much of the finishes were not usual. It was a  modern home with all weather entertainment area with a bar counter that  was designed along one wall in the room.  On our first visit he explained how  the bar was made from a particular wood and had to be shipped from some other country. He made a condition that if anybody be really interested in the bar  he would be ready to sell it to them separately otherwise he was going to move with it.
There is no sense however in moving items that make a house complete but it is not unusual for sellers to make arrangagements to move with certain items that may be considered as fixtures. Things that you may want  to look out for are big vases cemented at the entrance of a property , Chandeliers hanging on high ceilings, burglar systems and door bells, swimming pool equipment and  wendy houses . In fact even if the item is regarded as a fixture ,it is within the sellers right to take the item as long as the buyer is made aware and is in agreement .
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