There is a need for the Mahikeng Community to establish Mediation Platform for the NWU

I am calling on any interested Community member to contact me on 083 725 8827 or Email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. so to arrange a come together to conference on the crucial role the proposed Mediation Platform may play to:-

1) Assist both the NWU Management  and the Student Representatives/Student Community to create and maintain workable Ventilation Systems (effective Consultative Processes) for mutual understanding
2) Parentally engage with Students in helping them overcome Social Ills/Problems which they face on daily basis causing them unnecessary  stress and depression during their path to their academic destinations
3) Regularly and  cordially engage separately and at some intervals collectively with both the Management and Student  on recreational basis for the creation of an atmosphere conducive to effective Learning and Teaching
4) Engage with the Public/Community regularly in a bid to make them realise their ownership, accountability and responsibility for the maintenance of Stability at the Campus
 Whoever you are, whatever you standing in the society please contact me (Prophet OJ) so we could arrange how to meet and find a way of helping with stability for effective functioning of the University.
We may not be academically certificated as members of the Public, BUT for sure we are educated on how to help people create conflict-free environments for desired results. We cannot leave it to both the Management and the Students alone and when their differences burst, we bear the brand as the Community, hence the need for our involvement through the Proposed Mediation Platform
 Prophet OJ Mongala-Madikong