Overcrowded classes a concern

Dear Sir/Madam
I am a concerned parent of a learner at a school in my village, Makhubung in Mahikeng. I cannot disclose my name and the name of my child because of I don’t want my child to be victimized.

My child is in Grade 5 at the school in a village alongside the Vryburg road. My concern is that when I visited my child at his class, I was horrified to find that our children are cramped in a small classroom without a door and with no proper desks and chairs.What hurts me the most is that my child shares that small classroom with over 120 learners and I was appalled by the condition they were in.
There is no space to move around and I am wondering what this Dept of Education is doing to help our children - because last year in the same grade learners were about 100 and it seems this problem is continuing.
Our pleas as parents is falling on deaf ears.
Please help us to highlight this crisis this is out of hand.
 This is avmbuse against our children and nobody seems to care. How will my child and other learners be taught in that condition.
This is unfair.
Please help us.
Yours faithfully.
A concerned parent.