Reckless statements undermine HIV/ADS and ARVs progress

Growing up in rural South Africa, radio was my only source of information. Today, many people still rely on radio to follow what is happening around the world. It follows that radio personalities and their guests command considerable power to influence. This puts a responsibility on them to be careful of what they say when on air.  

Empowerment of women in spotlight at AU summit

Dear Fellow South Africans,
At the end of the week, I will travel to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia for the African Union summit at which South Africa will assume chairship of our continental organisation for the next year.
We plan to use this great responsibility, among other things, to promote the economic empowerment of the women of Africa.

Dear Fellow South Africans

There is a proverb common to many African cultures which says that it takes a village to raise a child. This idea – that the broader community has a responsibility for the development, well-being and safety of each child – comes to mind when I think about the tragic and deeply upsetting death of 13-year-old Enock Mpianzi on a school camp just over a week ago.