‘The inaugural Real Estate Industry Summit 2019’

A first of it’s kind event that brought different stakeholders in the property industry to converge on the 18th of October 2019 at Sandton Convention Centre . This initiative by Private Property and Absa, together with various other sponsors was much welcomed. A full day event that was dubbed RE-evolution; RE-imagine and RE-new. The line up of speakers did not disappoint as each one of them gave perspectives from their expertise on different aspects of the property industry. I am not reporting on the event per say but I want to highlight speakers in attendance whose presentations impacted me the most.

Why is it be that the more the number of Medical, Faith Healing and Traditional practitioners/doctors/healers increase, the more the diseases and deaths? 

No one under the sun has the power or authority to deny me the right to raise any thought provoking issue!  Are you aware that various kinds of medication have become such a competitive business that even all TV and Radio Stations, print media and social media channels are dominant with sales of medication? Our ill health has become bread and butter for all these practitioners. The underworld Skull and bones secret order has got an agenda to ensure that no one remains healthy under the sun! The world will soon be shocked by revelations  through someone who is called and anointed to the Teaching Ministry (one of the five-fold) in the Health Department (not Government Department please) unfolds truths contained in the saying that:-

NHI: A solution to our healthcare challenges

Two important events in South Africa’s healthcare sector happened between August and September 2019.
First, the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill was released by Parliament of the Republic of South Africa for public comment. The second event was the release of health market Inquiry report by the Competition Commission, which revealed that private healthcare is expensive.

The DA and the fight for classical liberalism

There is absolutely nothing odd with the internal contradictions that are currently consuming the Democratic Alliance (DA). All political parties at some point experiences internal strife informed by number of factors which includes but not limited to ideological contestation, varying personalities and leadership competition. Presently, the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) is tearing itself apart due internal leadership disagreements. When he stepped down as President of Tanzania, Julius Nyerere did not resign from politics, instead he was re-elected as Chairperson of his party, Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) in 1987. Nyerere’s contestation of the chairperson of CCM was aimed at blocking ‘liberal modernists’ who wanted to reform his socialist ideology of Ujamaa. The DA is also not immune from internal factionalism and the variables of party ideology, identity politics and myriad of personalities seems to be predominant in the ongoing internal party problems. But it is the historical evolution of the DA that better explains its current challenges.

Embracing waste collectors for a better and clean Mahikeng writes Molefe Matlou

Dumping and lack of proper waste management have dented the image of the beautiful historic town of Mahikeng. A relatively peaceful place with an atmosphere of serenity is gradually degrading due to illegal dumping and disrespect for by-laws relating to a clean environment. Waste collectors take advantage of heaps of dumped waste to collect recyclable waste materials that include plastic, bottles and boxes. The initiative to clean up the dumping sites and pack waste in refuse bags by well-meaning residents does not deter the waste collectors from going around the streets and opening the bags for much needed items.