Mining and the host communities in the North West

The North West is endowed with abundance of mineral resources, such as cement, platinum, gold etc. This demonstrates that the mining sector is one of the pillars of the North West economy, notwithstanding the fact that mining is a national competency. It becomes reality that huge profits are made out of the mining operations across the province, but the hosting communities living in abject poverty and squalor conditions. Thabo Mbeki succinctly presented it well by saying “A global human society, characterised by island of wealth, surrounded by sea of poverty, is unsustainable”. Community development becomes inevitable.

The turmoil in my mind

What on earth is happening in our province, or rather our country? So much of comings and goings, whereto? For what? And by what nation? What is the meaning of freedom, liberation, rights? Very rarely do we hear of responsibilities or obligations attached to these selfsame rights bandies all around.

Department sets the record straight on awarding of tenders

The Department wishes to respond to an article published in the Sowetan of 23 November 2015, page 2 with the headline: “Wandile was challenging tender awards”, as follows:
The late Wandile Bozwana, who had several business interests and companies that were registered with the Department failed to win tenders as follows:

Open letter to Mmusi Maimane

Oftentimes it is difficult for one to partially endorse the views of a leader of the opposition when you are a member of the ruling party. Yes it is true Mr Maimane South Africa needs another liberator. In expanding on this matter I would like to include in this bouquet Justice Malala’s assertion that we have begun a descent.