The role of our municipalities

The Constitution of the Republic outlines the objects of local government as those of providing democratic and accountable government for local communities, services to communities in a sustainable manner, promotion of social and economic development, promoting a safe and healthy environment and encouraging the local communities and community organisations in the matters of local government.

Abuse by Victoria private hospital

On the 29th (July 2015) I was admitted to this hospital around four o’clock in the afternoon. I started at the reception well it was lousy service as usual then proceeded to the female ward where I found two sisters in the nursing station. They have treated me bad before so since I need medical attention I decided to go on silent mode not to provoke anyone...

ANC Women`s Leagues Rebrands, Repositions and Renews Bokone Bophirima

Let me take this opportunity to join the millions of our people in the Bokone Bophirima province, the country, the diaspora and the global family to bow before the vision to rebrand, reposition and renew the province. We in this part of the country emerge from a vicious and violent and self-destructive, backward and demoralizing political past but that did not and could not stop the vision for the province to occupy its rightful position in the political landscape of the mother land.

COPE decries amalgamation of Ventersdorp, Tlokwe municipalities

Mahikeng Mail-Mahikeng- The Congress of the People (COPE) in North-West province, has expressed deep concern with the way the ruling party and the Municipal Demarcation Board has unanimously decided to amalgamate Ventersdorp Local Municipality with Tlokwe Local Municipality, disregarding the submissions and objections of the affected communities.