Buffalo in the City - Mahikeng Jungle

On Wednesday, March 4 2020 the residents of Mahikeng woke up to a rather bizarre story of the uninvited company of two buffaloes roaming the streets. Buffaloes, as we all know are part of the Big Five, seen only in protected game reserves and those who want to see them pay thousands of rands.

NW Gambling Board responds to bribery allegations by Goldrush

In the recent past the North West Gambling Board experienced negative publicity from various news outlets. This narrative which was based on unfounded allegations, has not only harmed the image of the Board, but critically perpetuated a discourse which portrays the Board and its Directors in a negative light. In an article on The Mail titled “NW Gambling Board must account for alleged bribery” and published on 07/02/2020, inferences on bribery allegations were made against the Board by Goldrush without affording the regulator an opportunity to state its side of the story.