Warning to all public servants

I am writing this letter to the Editor with a heavy heart to warn my fellow public servants against some false prophets who are spread across the province with the sole purpose of robbing them money, cars and houses. I am saying this from a wide background for obvious reasons. There are a number of heartrending cases of public servants who have fallen into the trap of giving their pensions, car and houses to these fake pastors and prophets in the name of false religion. Most of the public servants are convinced that when they give all their pensions and belonging to these prophets they will be blessed beyond measure.

Gone are the days where mining companies have to appease the growing demands of the ANC government

This is demonstrated by the fact that the industry has been increasingly outspoken about the damaging effects of the mining charter and other policies. To an extent where the charter has been challenged in the courts. The declining ming sector in South Africa is due to a number of factors. Such as high international commody prices, rising costs, technical difficulties and political hostility. But, the political challenge is far greater than all of these factors combined.

How to get a good deal an over priced house!

It’s possible to get a good deal but you are going to need professional help for sure. It’s important that you have an agent who has good negotiation skills. Such an agent will determine whether the seller is motivated by greed or lack of market knowledge. Find out what similar cases your agent has handled. It all comes down to how well the agent can mediate and make sure that both you and the seller have been accommodated.
There needs to be something in your offer that will attract the seller.

How the people of the North West province should judge the performance of Madoda Sambatha as MEC of Health

It is the mark of any worth leader to share his/her vision with the team under his/her authority. This is important for two reasons. A leader needs a team that buys into the set vision. It is also crucial that the team that does the work in implementing the vision is well informed of the direction the leader wants it to move. During the month of July 2019, Members of the Executive Committee (MECs) in the North West Province presented their visions as leaders of respective portfolios. I took interest in MEC Madoda Sambatha’s blueprint for the Health department.