Mother’s Day Celebrations

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG:  La Patre Guest restaurant and Guest House held a successful mother’s day celebration in Taung on May 13. The event has been  hosted for the past three years where they honoured and embraced mothers for their great contribution they have made in people’s lives. 

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More veterinary services for rural communities

MAHIKENG MAIL – MAHIKENG: In an effort to strengthen the Veterinary Services in the province and to ensure that all threats to animal health and food safety are detected and dealt with as early as possible, the North West Department of Rural Environment and Agricultural Development announced this week that it had has placed eleven (11) Veterinarians to begin their one year compulsory community service in the rural parts of the province.

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Lolo educates on Lupus dread disease

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG: Elfas Torerai  journalist in his (30s) is a father of three who has been based in Mahikeng for the past decade working in both community and national newspaper. 

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Department continues to create housing opportunities

MAHIKENG MAIL – MAHIKENG: At least over 10 000 housing opportunities have been created in the 2017/2018 financial year, amid poor performance by contractors and a further more 15 519 housing opportunities will be created in the current financial year. 

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Tied up production to perform in America

MAHIKENG MAIL – MAHIKENG: Tied Up Film Production represented the North West Province in the National Championship competition in performing arts recently in America. 

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