Let the journey for #MrSA2022 begin

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG: A male model and title holder of Mr North West, Mr Mahikeng, Mr Prime SA, Mr Royalty, Mr Elite and Mr King of South Africa 1st place under Mahikeng has  been nominated for Mama’s Awards under the category of Best influencer.

Augustine  Bhekizulu Disele is a founder of Miss Lichtenburg and Wink and Smile Production and The Doers Model academy from Lichtenburg, remarked, “I have chosen  to step out of my comfort zone”, of Mr South Africa.
“One of the most common causes of failure is giving up before results become visible. And yet when results become visible, they come so fast and in such magnitude that you wonder where they’ve been hiding all these years.
Once they do remember that your community is your home and that’s where success kicks in, you know why because it is the hope for the future generations”, he added.
Vote can be done through Zapper - Download the zapper app from your app or google playstore store. Complete your setup and simply scan the contestant QR; Via SMS- Simply sms MRSA21 to 40439 at a cost with no limits to vote.