North West Champion of Champions

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG: The North West Champion of Champions tournament took place at Mooinooi Golf Club and featured the club champions from all the golf clubs in the North West across different divisions against one another. 

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North West takes 94th Comrades Marathon

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG: Edward Mothibi (34) from Magogoe- Koikoi, Mafikeng thrilled the North West province by completing and winning the 2019 Comrades Marathon within five hours and thirty-one minutes on the 86 km track from Durban to Pietermaritzburg last Sunday. 

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Marauding Classic finish season with a bang

MAHIKENG MAIL-MAHIKENG:  Marauding Classic fans are proud of their team after Gideon Noge (coach) and the boys ended the season on a high note after winning the “Mahikeng Derby” at Montshioa stadium.

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A battle of fists

Barry Jansen Van Vuuren (24) is a professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) participant who fell in love with contact sport since the age of eight varying from rugby to Judo - where he found himself very at home in the ring. The young boxer will engage in a Contender Series of 12 rounds against his opponent Francois this Saturday at the Portuguese Hall. Doors will open at 18h00.