Sign petition to stop burning waste

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Matlosana is driving a petition to force the City of Matlosana to stop the illegal burning of waste which harms the environment and poses a health risk to residents.

The DA will submit the signed petition to the municipality. Cllr Wallhorn Wolfgang says he will file a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission if the municipality fails to address the problem.

“The municipality has repeatedly refused to be accountable when called upon to take responsibility for the management of the dump site. Municipal departments do not want to take responsibility for the dumping site and try to pass the buck to a waste management contractor, arguing that they have a shortage of personnel, equipment and vehicles,’’ says Wolfgang.

He says the contractor who was hired by the City of Matlosana to manage the dumping site, allows it to burn all the time releasing toxic fumes.

There are currently three wards affected, and residents of Flamwood, Irenepark and Adamayview, Dawkinsville, Randlespark, Ellaton and the CBD are forced to inhale acrid fumes.

The fumes pose a danger to the health of residents, particularly those who suffer from respiratory tract diseases.

Burning the waste goes against the City of Matlosana’s own by-laws which clearly stipulates that no person may burn waste in a public place or private place, for the purpose of disposing of that waste.

“The municipality is failing to meet its own standards and by-laws. The following objectives are not being met in terms of the municipality’s by-laws, there is no regulation of the collection, hand-ling, storage, transport, recycling, treatment and disposal of waste, there is no regulation or the pursuance of an integrated waste management approach and to enhance sustainable environmental development,’’ says Wolfgang.

There are serious questions to be raised in future about the licencing of the waste facility, the DA will engage with the municipality to find out whether the dumping site is fully licensed to operate.

Klerksdorp Midweek did send an enquiry to the City of Matlosana and will report back after receiving feedback.