Help fellow South Africans

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - A group of 23 South Africans are stranded at Guangzhou airport in China. On the night of 24 June they were set to catch an Air Asia flight to Kuala Lumpur. From there they were supposed to catch a repatriation flight back home to Johannesburg.

The group consists of among others a 6 month old baby, and 2 pregnant women.

Despite having all the letters of movement from the SA embassy and paid flight tickets to their final destination, they were refused permission to board the flight.

“Right now we need to raise money in order to pay for basic necessities and to assist in the payment of any potential flights we find. Please donate anything you can to assist the stranded and desperate people,” says Cherise Parsons of Klerksdorp.

She worked at a school in China and had to leave the country by the end of June as her work permit has expired.

“Please share on social media and everywhere you can and ask for any help even if it is R20 so we can assist with food and basic needs. Please share guys. We are in this together and we have family and friends who will support us. Every penny that comes in will be there to help all of us. “

Bank details: CC Parsons, FNB current account. Acc number: 62423197658. Branch code: 250655.
Ref: China.