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deur Joha van Dyk • Human & Rousseau

Vuurvreter is die tweede titel in die Branderjaer-sage. Dit is vir lesers ouer as 14 jaar. Die skrywer is ‘n nagraadse student aan die US en Branderjaer was haar debuutroman in 2020. Hierdie reeks is reeds belowend om baie jong mense aan die lees te kry, so moet nie op die lekkerte uitmis nie! Dit is egter nie noodsaaklik om eers Branderjaer te lees nie, die boeke is ewe lekker op hul eie ook.
Oor die boek: Malherbe Albertyn, oftewel Vuurvreter, beplan om sy somer in Kransbos te spandeer om die magiese Ylwoud te vind. Desperaat op soek na die waarheid, na iets buiten die bloedskuld wat hy en sy bendebroers steeds in die arena betaal. Desperaatheid dryf ook vir Mieke om te waag om haar drome na te jaag. Saam ontdek hulle baie meer as waarop hulle gebargain het. Is Ylwoud die antwoord op Malherbe se suster se verdwyning?


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by Thando Pato • Melinda Ferguson Books

On the Rocks: Memoir of a high-functioning alcoholic. Thirty-nine-year-old Thando is living in total denial about her drinking. On the surface her life looks aspirational - great job, apartment, snazzy car. But behind the façade she harbours a dark and shameful secret - she can’t control her drinking. To the outside world she looks like a woman who loves having fun, always with a glass of wine in her hand. But alone at home, she’s knocking back a bottle or two a night under the guise of ‘unwinding’. It’s not until she takes a yearlong break from booze, that she’s forced to confront her crippling anxiety and depression, which now have taken a toll on her high-powered career. She returns to drinking thinking that she can moderate until life takes a cruel twist and she’s diagnosed with breast cancer. For the next two years she chronicles her addiction as she spirals out of control before calling it quits just before lockdown in March 2020. The road to recovery is brutal as she appears to be the only one sober in the midst of a pandemic.

Love and Above: A journey into shamanism, coma and joy

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by Sarah Bullen - NB Publishers

Journalist Sarah Bullen and her filmmaker husband Llewellyn seemed like a golden couple, with wildly successful careers. Then Llewellyn realises that what he’d thought were entranced moments were in fact symptoms of a brain tumour. He pursues a shamanic path to fight the cancer and the couple are catapulted into a strange, magical world of ritual and ceremony. Alongside hospitals, surgery and treatments comes another wilder journey of spiritual searching. Then Sarah too falls ill. While in a four-week coma, Sarah travels through near-death and into other realms and worlds. She comes back with a message and a spark to follow which becomes a roadmap to allow her to write a new life story. Sarah’s story is sad, funny and magical, filled with laughter and tears. Love and Above is filled with wild rapture and infinite possibility.