SAPS conduct safety awareness at Manana

Written by liesl. Posted in Jongste Nuus

NOORDWESTER – LICHTENBURG – On Wednesday, 20 April 2022, the Lichtenburg SAPS and the New Beginnings support group conducted a school safety awareness programme at Manana Primary School and the Carlisonia Primary school in Welverdiend.

Matters addressed were substance abuse, bullying and gender based violence. As per complaints reported by the school, it came out that some of the learners performances were affected by the situations they encounter at home.
Mr. Mosadi addressed different forms of abuse and the consequences thereof. He also gave out their organization telephone numbers where they can be reached for assistance. Sgt. Mohitlheng enlightened them on crimes related to substance abuse and bullying.
She also made them aware on how hacing a criminal record can affect one’s future.
They were advised not to be involved in criminal activities and to report such incidents to their teachers.