Building next to residential area

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NOORDWESTER – LICHTENBURG – As a concerned resident of Lichtenburg, full South-African citizen by Contitution of the Republic of South Africa I hereby wish to share my disappointment in our Local Municipality by-laws.

According to Ditsobotla Municipality’s Planning and Development section they have approved a plan of a Warehouse structure next to our residential area in Nelson Mandela Drive, without notifying the home owners of that area. Our Constitution talks about the rights of people such as safety and clean environment, while in this instance our rights were violated. A few of the residents wrote a letter in June 2015 to the Unit Manager: Planning and Development without getting any response from him.

My biggest concern is the residential area that has been rezoned to the industrial area without any information from our Municipality. The Warehouse is 6 metres from our houses and in my opinion expose us to the crime of today.

Kedinnetse Legote