Written by Zandre. Posted in Miss Stellalander 2017

Rules & Regulations

Interested girls:
• Must be between the ages of 16 and 24 years.
• MUST reside/work/attend school in the circulation area of Stellalander.
• Only girls, who have never been married and never had children, may enter for the competition.
• The cost per entry is R50 per person and is not refundable.
• We will need two photographs - one full length and one mug shot (head-and-shoulders) of each participating girl. *PLEASE ENSURE THAT THE QUALITY OF THE PHOTO'S YOU PROVIDE, ARE GOOD QUALITY (NO LESS THAN 2 MEGABYTE IN FILE SIZE) - WE WANT TO ENSURE GOOD QUALITY PRINT AND INTERNET DISPLAY.
• For entries to be accepted, the entry fee (R50) needs to be finalised.
• Please note (in case of online/bank payment) that the beneficiary reference upon payment should be MissStella17(your name).
• It is important that participants take note of the voting procedure which will help us to choose the 10 finalists as well as the winner: Photographs of participating girls will not only be published in Stellalander, but will also be posted onto our website and Facebook pages. Stellalander will then invite the public to vote for the pageants of their choice. It is VERY important to note that girls with the most votes in combined and direct relation to the printed Stellalander ballot paper as well as our website (www.stellalander.co.za) and Facebook pages will qualify as finalists. A girl who for instance, has the highest number of votes in total on our website but few or no votes in the two remaining forums, will unfortunately not qualify as a finalist.
• By entering and accepting the terms and conditions, each contestant:
- understands the rules and agrees to the conditions as set by the organisers.
- gives permission for the use and publication of their photos (online or print).
- agrees that the Stellalander has the right to disqualify any participating girl if
- agrees that the Stellalander has the right to amend the rules of the competition at any time if necessary.
- accepts the final results of the voting and final decision and no discussion/debating will take place.
- agrees to be available to the Stellalander at all reasonable times.