Letter of the week: Three year-old eyesore

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The three year-old dungeon opposite the former premises of Leons Rustenburg in Gareth Roberts Avenue.

The Editor
I’m writing to complain about the no less than three year-old dungeon opposite the former Leons Rustenburg premises in Gareth Roberts Avenue where workers of the Rustenburg Municipality have unearthed what seem to be an at least one meter deep hole in a repair project.

Letter of the week: Aspire to be better with every day

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Dear editor
There are only two things are certain in life: death, and taxes.
What is transpiring and affecting every taxpayer in SA, is some of the politicians - in Parliament, as well as in municipalities - are immoral looters and criminals.
We, as a country, need to question our convictions and ensure to align our moral compass. We must ensure that we have no place for criminality and corruption. We must honour and respect one another and must live honestly and truthfully. Our values should not be negotiable and our righteousness should be sacrosanct.
Aspire to be better with every day.
F Saloojee, Rustenburg, via email.