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One runner, seven marathons

Posted in Club Sport

RUSTENBURG HERALD - RUSTENBURG - Imagine earning R1 for every kilometre you run in a marathon. How much do you think you would make? That would be R42 for 42km’s. Now, imagine that you donate that R42 to someone who needs access to medical facilities?

Read more in our 19 July 2019 edition.

Rustenburg Karate

Posted in Club Sport

Japanese Sword Training and Grading. Well done to the students of the Tokon Shotokan Karate A/C International, Gendaiteki Ken & Iai Jitsu Class, with their grading that happened in May 2019. Senpai Dante Venter, Nadine Potgieter, Sensei Winita Coetzee and Sensei Willie Coetzee. Here with them is Shihan Albert Venter, Kancho and founder of TSKKIA. For more information on this and other Martial Arts activities contact TSKKIA H/Q at 0824631073 or visit the website at www.tskkia.co.za.

Read more in our 21 June 2019 edition.