Couch potato for this weekend by Danie Jacobs

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Friday 12 March: A judge investigates corrupt lawyers in Broken Trust. Etv, 23:55.

Saturday 13 March: A married man’s one night stand stalks him in Fatal Attraction. SABC2 at 21:20.

Sunday 14 March: A tech billionaire (played by Bruce Willis) tries to protect his valuable work in Hard Kill. M-Net at 20:05.

Monday 15 March: Elisa must prove a man’s innocence after he has pleaded guilty for murder in the brilliant British detective series Miss Scarlet and the Duke. BBC Brit on DStv at 20:00.

Tuesday 16 March: A mother tries to connect with her dead son in The other side of the door. Etv at 23:00.

Wednesday 17 March: Therapy sessions go awry in Atypical Wednesday. M-Net Movies 1 on DStv, 21:38

Thursday 18 March: It’s the kitchen reveal on The Block. M-Net, 17:45.

Friday 19 March: New sitcom Young Rock is mockumentary about the life of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. M-Net, 19:00.

Saturday 20 March: The last igloo is a documentary about the last Inuit to discover the art of igloo building. BBC Earth on DStv, 22:00.

Sunday 21 March: The gang is back to fight the world’s most dangerous game in Jumanji: The next level. M-Net, 20:05.


Keep an eye out for Murder in Paris

SABC 3 will premiere the first part of an intriguing new film Murder in Paris by award-winning filmmaker Enver Samuel on Human Rights Day 21 March at 19:30.

The second chapter follows at 19:30 on 28 March, which is the day before the 33rd commemoration of struggle hero Dulcie September’s death on 29 March. 

September was the ANC representative for Luxembourg, Switzerland and France and was mysteriously assassinated in the heart of Paris on 29 March 1988. The film explores why this former school teacher from Athlone and principled cadre was murdered through the investigations of veteran Dutch investigative journalist Evelyn Groenink who tried to piece together why Dulcie was killed.

“It is a well thought through account that carefully traces Dulcie’s steps to bring to life her seemingly less acknowledged valor. In a world where political leadership is dominated by men, Murder In Paris reveals some of the distressing dark deals that led to her mysterious murder; and they still haunt South Africa to this day. It shines the spotlight on the role played by women of her stature and veracity in the struggle to liberate our country,” said SABC Head of Factual Genre, Thando Shozi.

The film starts in a chance meeting on Freedom Day 2017 in Bern, Switzerland where Samuel was attending the Visions du Reel Film Festival. During the Freedom Day celebration at the South African Embassy he struck up a conversation with Randolph Arendse whose brother was married to Dulcie's sister. He had seen Enver’s award-winning documentary about Ahmed Timol called Indians Can’t Fly. By the end of the evening, Enver had agreed to make a film about Dulcie with the blessing of her family.

The film is the culmination of this four year journey and includes unique footage of the 30-year commemoration of Dulcie’s death in March 2018 in Paris as well as archive images never seen before in South Africa of this little-known liberation heroine.

“Dulcie’s life is a reminder to current day South Africa that the purpose of all the sacrifices and struggles of the past were not in vain and that a fair and decent South Africa is still a possibility. Her story needs to be told, it’s a story that will inspire those who strive for democracy and social justice and highlight the role of a selfless unsung heroine,” says Samuel. 

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