Medical series with a difference

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Couch potato by Danie Jacobs 

Friday 20 November: In The Poison Rose an ex-football player who turned PI, must rescue a lady in distress. The film stars John Travolta and Morgan Freeman. 1Magic on DStv at 21:30.

Sunday 21 November: The live-action remake of Jungle Book is an action version of the animated classic. The story is the same with Mowgli going on journey of self-discovery. etv at 20:00.

Saturday 22 November: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist must be one of the most bizarre series ever. In the third episode, Zoey hears her boss singing a sad song and she must decide if she wants to get involved in her private life. M-Net at 09:00.

Monday 23 November: In the finale of Mrs America, Carter fires Abzug as head of his women's rights commission, much to the anger of Steinem and others working with her. M-Net at 21:30.


New Series: Medical series with a difference

Transplant, a new Canadian hospital series, will start on Universal TV on DStv and it promises to be fresh and exciting. The series will start at 20:00 on 30 November.

The medical series follows Dr Bashir “Bash” Hamed, a charismatic Syrian doctor with battle-tested skills in emergency medicine, who flees Syria with his younger sister to forge a new life in Canada. But if Bash ever wants to be a doctor again, he must redo his medical training from the ground up, and obtaining a coveted residency position is nearly impossible. 

When a horrific truck accident nearly kills a senior doctor right in front of him, Bash saves the doctor’s life and earns a residency in the Emergency Department of York Memorial, one of the best hospitals in Toronto. Bash must work hard to overcome the numerous obstacles that he faces with the demands of a new country and new job.

In its first season at CTV, Transplant was the most-watched Canadian original series and saw audience growth as the season progressed. The drama has since been renewed for a second season and has also been a ratings success on NBC in the US.  








Transplant, a new Canadian hospital series, will start on Universal TV on DStv and it promises to be fresh and exciting. The series will start at 20:00 on 30 November.

This weekend's couch potato guide

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Friday 13 November: Misery Index is a gameshow where miserable real-life events are judged. M-Net at 15:50.

Sunday 14 November: Go behind the scenes of one of SA’s most famous murders in Quiet Boy: The story of the Griekwastad murders. SABC2 at 21:30.

Saturday 15 November: Ford wanted to beat Ferrari at Le Mans in 1966. Matt Damon and Christian Bale star in Ford vs Ferrari. M-Net at 20:05.

Monday 16 November: Small Axe is set in the tumultuous West Indian community of London in the late sixties. BBC Brit on DStv at 20:00.


New series: The Comey Rule

New M-Net mini-series The Comey Rule is an immersive, behind-the-headlines account of the historically turbulent events surrounding the 2016 presidential election and its aftermath, which divided the American nation.

Rather than a biopic of one man, the series tells the story of two powerful figures, former FBI Director James Comey (Jeff Daniels) and Donald J Trump (Brendan Gleeson), whose strikingly different personalities, ethics and loyalties put them on a collision course. Tune in at 21:30 on 24 November.









What to watch this weekend

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Couch potato by Danie Jacobs 

Friday 6 November: Exes find closure over dinner in Eating with my ex. SABC3 at 19:30.

Sunday 7 November: Zoey, who always preferred podcasts over pop songs, suddenly starts to hear the innermost wants, thoughts and desires of the people around her - her family, co-workers and complete strangers - through popular songs in Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. M-Net at 20:05.

Saturday 8 November: Can you keep a secret? Thinking they’re about to crash, a girl spills her innermost secrets to her company’s CEO. M-Net at 18:30.

Monday 9 November: Enter the world of compulsive hoarders in Taboo. National Geographic on DStv at 23:45.





Kompetisie: Wen kaartjies na verhoogstuk met Frank Opperman die naweek

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Klerksdorp Rekord, web – Aardklop bied eerskomende naweek ‘n verhoogstuk in Potchefstroom aan.

Steeds Donkie met teks deur Dana Snyman en regie deur Gerrit Schoonhoven, is die logiese opvolg van Frank Opperman se trefferproduksie Donkie. Meneer Swart, beter bekend as “Donkie” is die skoolhoof van Hoërskool Hans Oosthuizen. Met sy goeie bedoelings ten spyt is hy reeds effe suf geslaan en gebombardeer. Tydens hierdie Maandagoggend se saalopening het hy boonop etlike nuwe uitdagings: Die leerlinge se akademiese prestasies het geweldig agteruit gegaan tydens die Covid-pandemie, onderwysers se moed lê laag in hul skoene en die beheerliggaam is geensins tevrede met sy hantering van Black Lives Matter nie. Ten minste is hordes eksemplare van die skool se 80-jarige herdenkingsboek darem gedruk.

Die vertoning is op Sondag 1 November om 12:30 en 16:00 by die Elgro Hotel te sien. Die kaartjies kos R150 elk en is by Ticketpro te koop. Die vertoning is 60 minute lank. Ouerbegeleiding sal toegepas word.

Vir navrae skakel 087 527 0023 of stuur ‘n e-pos aan This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Maskers is verpligtend. Kunstenaars sal nie na die vertoning foto’s kan neem of handelsware teken nie.

KOMPETISIE (sien Facebook)

Twee lesers kan elk ‘n dubbelkaartjie na die vertoning wen. Lees die berig en beantwoord die volgende vraag: Wat is die naam van Frank Opperman se nuwe toneelstuk? Skryf die antwoord in die kommentaarveld, tag twee vriende. Die wenner sal met ‘n gelukstrekking aangekondig word en op Facebook in kennis gestel word. (KOMPETISIE OPEN OP DINSDAG 27/10 OM 09:00 EN SLUIT OP WOENSDAG 28/10 OM 12:00)

TV highlights for the weekend

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Couch potato by Danie Jacobs

Friday 9 October: In The Bombing, starring Bruce Willis, Chinese fighters must protect important military installations during WW11. 1Magic on DStv at 23:30.

Saturday 10 October:  In We own the night, a NY nightclub manager tries to protect his brother and father from the Russian mafia. etv at 22:15.

Sunday 11 October: Period movie The Favorite shows a frail Queen Anne, a friend who is ruling the country and a servant who fights for the Queen’s attention. M-Net Movies 1 on DStv at 21:35.

Monday 12 October: Meghan Markle can be seen as a businesswoman looking for love in The Dater’s Handbook. SABC2 at 22:00.

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