Monkey rescued from backyard cage

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Klerksdorp Record, Alabama - Inspectors from the Orkney Animal Shelter (OAS) rescued a vervet monkey who was being held in a cage in the back yard of a house in Alabama.

The owner of the house handed the animal voluntarily to the inspectors when he was told that he is not allowed to have the animal.

Diane Jacobs from OAS says many people consider exotic animals as pets but says they are still wild animals which can’t be tamed. “It is illegal to keep these monkeys as pets if you do not have a permit.

“Monkeys or any primate do not make good pets because of their aggressive nature,’’ she said.

“You have to have a permit to keep any wild animal in captivity and these are not granted.

“There is a very heavy penalty for being caught with a wild indigenous animal in a cage. Nature Conservation do not give out permits to keep vervets as pets under any circumstances, for very good reason.”

The monkey was in a healthy condition and is estimated to be between one and two years old. He was transported to a rehab centre sanctuary on Saturday 24 April where he will be rehabilitated into the wild again.

If you can help the animal shelter with a donation, contact Diane on 074 306 9811 for more information.

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