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Kent Olivato is the chef at the hot new Italian restaurant in the city, Vaipiano Family Trattoria. He loves cooking and seeing people enjoy his food. The family has been looking for a perfect venue for 7 years to open their restaurant and now he can bring the food they eat at home to hungry, food-loving Klerksdorpians.

Describe your ideal pizza: The dough must be light and full of air. The dough has to age. I cannot find that in Klerksdorp, but now I can make that at this restaurant.

Who taught you how to cook? I studied at the prestigious HTA cooking school in Randburg.

What is your favourite food? I love Mediterranean food with lots of humus and Lebanese food.

If you go out where do you eat? I love Meat & Co at Monte Casino and love the ciabatta at Roast.

What will I always find in your fridge? Mozzarellas, homemade pestos and salamis.

In your pantry? Mutti tomatoes.

Bucket list? I want to open a soup bar in Canada where you pair your bread with soup.

What would be your last meal? I’m a humble guy. It would be 500 g fillet with potato wedges.

Which dish would describe you? A lazy man’s lasagne - work smart, not hard.

Do you have a message to readers? Come to Vaipiano for good, affordable food and have a taste of Italy.

* Get this recipe on the website, under “Pasta”.

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