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Matthew Naus, owner of Roast Deli and Café, is of Dutch descent and also the barista. He loves winter as people drink more coffee! He prefers his coffee black, known as an Americano. He is responsible for the pics of the meal of the day posted on FB that get people hungry and flocking to the restaurant. He started cooking when he entertained his friends by making a potjie on Sundays. Now he has introduced the potjie into the restaurant and promises many more in future.

Hobbies? Training, eating a clean diet, cycling and drinking beer. He would rather drink his carbs than eat them. He’s a fan of V8 racing in Vereeniging.

Where do you see yourself in ten years? Running a lot of Roasts.

Who taught you how to cook? I had a friend in Pretoria who opened a new world for me. She taught me everything I know.

What is your favourite food? I love chicken in all its forms as it’s so diverse. I love food prepared on an open fire. I love Weber chicken.

If you go out where do you eat? I love to make my own as I’m so critical. When in Pretoria, I go to a burger joint called Capital Craft. Locally, I love the pizza at Vaipiano.

What will I always find in your fridge? Beer.

What will I always find in your pantry? Pickles and garlic. It is bachelor’s pantry!

Bucket list? I want to host a big outdoor event such as an Oktoberfest. I want to skydive and do the Ironman. Ironman is on my schedule for 2020.

What would be your last meal? Chicken and chips. Just that. A whole flatty.

Which dish would describe you? Anything unique and different.

Do you have a message to readers? Try a different culture. Try something new.

* Get this recipe on the website, under “Something Meaty”.

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