It is a cruel world

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Anonymous, via email - What is happening in South Africa? Is it okay for our children to get molested and raped, and perpetrators get away with it because a child doesn’t know colours? This is the story of my 3-year-old daugter.

She came back to me after spending time by her grandparents’ house complaining about vaginal pains. When I asked wat happened she said granddad (step grandfather) has been touching her and it was painful, we reported the case with the father, and all results came back positive that she was molested.

Okay to cut the long story short...

The prosecutor is refusing to prosecute because the child couldn’t answer her questions of colours and she couldn’t put it in words what is a lie or truth...

Why is the law protecting the perpetrator more than the victims? Why do they make as if it’s the victims fault that they were molested/raped? How do we find closure or how do we move forward knowing that justice wasn’t served for my daughter?

We are living in a cruel world.

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