Water: price discrimination in Matlosana

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Victor Delport, via email - The cost to Matlosana Council in respect of water delivered to all 13 different categories of consumers is exactly the same price per kiloliter payable to Midvaal Water Company.

The formats in which the 13 water consumer categories are divided reflects the gross discrimination between different consumer categories. Tariff types do not ensure equity and fairness between different types and categories of consumers. All are transgressions of Local Government: Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000 as amended.

The following consumption tariffs iro 2019/2020 financial year, proves the point:

2.1 Domestic
2.2 Domestic - Indigent
2.13 Vaal Reefs/ Ariston Plots- Per Kilolitre R 21.23; R 21.23; R 9.45
2.7 Government   
2.11 Flats        
2.5  Businesses  
2.6 Industrial - Per Kilolitre R 15.98; R 18.20; R 19.95; R 19.95
2.12 Hospitals, Institutions and Correctional Services - Per Kilolitre R15.87
2.8 Schools       
2.9 Nursery schools    
2.10 Churches & Church Halls- Per Kilolitre    R 16.09; R 15.98; R 15.87
2.3 Agriculture   
2.4 Smallholdings - Per Kilolitre R 22.16; R21.34          
It needs to be mentioned that schools and creches (no such category) qualify for a monthly 10% incentive for prompt payment.

The Council resolution taken more than a decade ago, simultaneous to alter Drainage Services Tariffs, that the existing water supply tariff structure be revised has still not been executed on the 13 different consumer categories. No tariff is reflected iro water sold by contract to Uranium One mine.

Basic Charges: How can it possibly be that the basic charge tariff is the same for all blocks of flats irrespective of the number of flats? Basic charges for businesses are the same for all shops, immaterial the size of the business. Tariffs do not differ between empty business stands and empty domestic stands.

Is a basic charge levied against the above mentioned mine?

Tariff structure items 1.1.2 to  1.1.3 2  as well as note 1 regarding Agriculture and Townships should be deleted as they had become obsolete for a number of years.

Tariffs do not categorize church halls as well as unlicensed clubs and halls. Years ago basic electricity and water tariffs were the same at R100 each for domestic stands. Now it amounts to R134.04 and R128.96, respectively. The difference between Basic Domestic and Business is a ridiculous 448.58% (R143.15 versus R644.83) in comparison with electricity’s 233.89%

The 13 categories should be simplified to two categories, same as per electricity supply and refuse removal tariffs structure, namely: domestic supply and businesses/government institutions supply for uniformity.

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