Osso buco potjie

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By Matthew Naus

• 2 Large onions (chopped)
• Fresh ginger (chopped)
• Lamb shank
• Flour
• Bottle of red wine (normally white is used. Try something different)
• Lamb stock
• 6 large Potatoes (chopped)
• 6 large Carrots (chopped)
• Two tins of tomato puree (I used Muti polpa)
• Mushrooms (fresh or canned)
• Fresh mini corn
• Small cabbage 
• Salt and pepper to taste
• Fry the onion, garlic and ginger. 
• Cut the lamb shank into pieces, cover in flour. 
• Place in the pot and brown the meat. 
• Add wine and stock. Close the lid for an hour. 
• Add potatoes and carrots. Close lid for another hour. 
• Add the tomato, mushrooms and corn. 
• Cover with cabbage leaves. Close lid for another hour. 
• Stir and serve with polenta, rice or pap. 

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