One chamber, one business

Written by Lentswe. Posted in Community

Lentswe, Jouberton - Local entrepreneurs and business minded individuals from Jouberton came together and realized there is no business organization that can bring all business people from various sectors together under one roof.

President of the Matlosana Black Business Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mlungisi Mbele said their initiative to meet was sparked off by the realization that 95% of businesses in our locality is owned by people from outside their town and country who do not even plough back to their communities.

“We cannot operate in silos as business people of Matlosana, whilst other nationalities work together. As a result of this initiative and efforts a new 100% locally black owned business chamber which accommodates all sectors of local economy, and which is aimed at promo-ting black local owned town businesses, has been born by the currently operating local businesses men and women to occupy the business space which is rightfully theirs,” Mbele said.

Mbele said they invite all local business people and up-and-coming business around Matlosana to take part in this structure that is home based and hell-bent to address the economic affairs of their locality.

He said the chamber will be rolling out its programme in all of their sister kasis of Matlosana like Khuma, Kanana and Tigane and extend beyond the boundaries of our district to other towns in the province, through roadshows. “We therefore anticipate to officially launch around October 2019 and we call on all business people of Matlosana to form part of this historic event. The executive has also undertaken a drive to engage with other sister chambers and business organizations to collaborate in realizing the goal of a successful business journey in Matlosana,” he added.

Call 081 756 5789 for more details.