Gangster jailed for murder

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Lentswe, Stilfontein - The public gallery was packed at the Stilfontein Regional court last week when a 20 year old Tigane man was sentenced for killing his grandfather.

Lucky Mokoneng of Ext 6, Tigane was in the Crazy Dog gang when he started his killing spree that claimed the life of his grandfather. The court heard on Thursday 6 July that he was with his co-accused when they robbed a Mozambican man of R70 and his cellphone and then killed him.

Mokoneng and his fellow gangsters then went on to his 86-year-old grandfather’s home where they robbed him of his wallet and a knife before stabbing him to death in front of his grandmother.

The court heard that the Mozambican man was chased by the gangsters, stabbed and murdered, while the old ma-
dala was strangled and stabbed and bled to death on his bed.

Mokoneng was found guilty on two counts of murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances. He was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for the murder of the Mozambican man and received a life sentence for the murder of his grandfather. A further 15 years were added on the robbery charge.

The gang’s legal aid lawyer, Fatima Mahomed asked that a lighter sentence be considered as Mokoneng was still young when he committed the crimes. He was 18 years old at the time of the murders.

But the state prosecutor, advocate Chris Kok disagreed. “It cannot be fair for the accused to continue to repeat the same serious crimes. The criminal justice system must take its course. The community said they are depending on the court to do justice.

“Almost every day, we deal with the same serious cases of which most of them are committed by these gangsters who are terrorising the community,” he said. Kok said it is so sad that these victims’ lives were taken away by these accused only so they could get money to buy liquor.

Reading a report compiled by social worker, Vusi “Gatsheni” Magagula, Regional Magistrate Charlotte Senekal shocked the public gallery with the brutality of the crimes. While interpreter, Tebogo Metswi translated the report in Setwana, people in the public gallery demonstrated their anger by shouting abuse at Mokoneng.

The court heard that the gangsters who were armed with knives and pangas entered the grandparents’ house while Mokoneng’s grandmother was closing the kitchen. An argument ensued and she was threatened with a knife, she subsequently ran and hid under the bed.

“The men proceeded to the grandfather’s bedroom and demanded cash. He was then strangled, stabbed and died on his bed,” an extract of the report reads.

Senekal said that both the gogo and madala were powerless against the attack. She said that the first victim had at least nine stab wounds all over his body.

It was clearly explained that in both cases, the accused did not show any mercy towards his victims.

Before sentencing Mokoneng, Senekal said the sentence must be a lesson to the accused and others. She said she acknowledged the fact that the accused showed remorse, but he must also take responsibility of his actions.

Hartebeesfontein police applauded detective Const Buti Matlhoko for his tho-rough investigation into the murders.