Father kills newborn

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Lentswe, Khuma - An argument between parents led to the death of their innocent child.

Bokamoso Funane, a four month old baby boy, died at the feet of his father. His unique Sesotho name, Bokamoso means ‘future’ but sadly his future was ripped from his mother’s arms and thrown to the ground.

Lentswe visited the family on Monday 16 October after the horrible incident on Sunday 15 October at CH Section in Khuma.

The boy’s mother, Mapaseka Merriam Funane (21) was with her mother, Maggie Susan Funane (48). The saddened granny said: “We were from the traditional ceremony around the location, all of us together with the child’s father and mother. We were so happy that we had a lovely day.’’

The lovely day turned into a nightmare when an argument ensued between Mapaseka and her boyfriend.

The grandmother said he demanded cash from Mapaseka and when she refused, he took the innocent child and forcefully threw him on the ground.

“I just heard Mapaseka screaming and knew that there’s something wrong. When I entered, Bokamoso was lying on the ground; blood was coming from his nose.

“I picked the child up and put him on a sofa, but when neighbours came in they asked me to put him down on the floor. Looking at him lying down, I knew that it was over,” the grieving granny said. She said she couldn’t tell how the 26-year-old father disappeared after that.

The baby was certified dead on the scene and the matter was reported to the police who later arrested the suspect.

North West Provincial Commissioner, Lt Genl Baile Motswenyane condemned the incident. “We are saddened by this gruesome incident and once more would like to urge members of the community including those that are in domestic relationship to do their best to resolve their differences amicably rather than resorting to violence that sometimes affects innocent people such as in this case,” she said.

The suspect was expected to appear in the Stilfontein Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday 18 October and a charge of murder.