Death of kids a mystery

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Lentswe, Khuma - A family of this township is traumatised by the death of two young children.

It seems the two children, Rebaone Mbele (2) and Kamogelo Manoto (6) got sick on the same day and died within hours of each other.

Granny Ellen Manoto (48) said the family is still traumatised after the death of their two kids. The family is staying at 6994 CH Section in Khuma
“On Wednesday 18 October around 10:00, Rebaone was crying hysterically and when we held her, her eyes started changing while she was also kicking.

We then realised that there’s a serious problem,” Manoto said.

They called an ambulance, and while waiting for it, they received a call from school. “We were told that Kamogelo is also not feeling well. After rushing to the school, surprisingly we found out that Kamogelo was doing the same thing that Rebaone was doing.

“The two were taken to the local clinic where they were then declared dead. At this stage we still don’t know what happened,” she said. Kamogelo was a grade R learner at Are-Ipeleng Primary school.

The granny denied allegations that they might have eaten poison.

“I don’t think that the two ate poison, because whatever they eat, we eat. As you can see now, here is another child, but she is still healthy and playing, so if it’s poison, why didn’t she eat it too.

“I had since left my house, because our family had bad luck, but now I’m back forever and will pray very much for this bad luck to go out of my family,” the grieving granny said.

Reabone’s mother, Maki Mbele (23) and Kamogelo’s mum, Mamase Manoto (23) who are sisters-in-law are still traumatised and cannot say a word.
During the visit, ward councillor, Sebenzile Daemane was with the family and said they will see how they can help.

Provincial police spokesperson, Lt Col Adele Myburgh said they opened an inquest docket for investigation.

Myburgh said the post-mortem has been conducted and they are just waiting for the forensic results to determine the cause of death.

The pair will be laid to rest on Saturday 28 October and the funeral service will be held at home from 07:00.