Dangor murder trial continues

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Lentswe, Klerksdorp - The murder trial of Tshiamo Sekgoro accused of the coldblooded murder of Mohammed Dangor in 2019, resumed this week.

The two victims who survived the shooting at Speedy Car Sales on that fateful day in November, Joe Ally and Mebs Soomra, testified on Tuesday January 18. Ally, a close friend of the Dangors, testified that he used the prayer room at the dealership every day to pray. He and Mohammed finished praying and were drinking tea in his office when Sekgoro entered. “He screamed give me the car. Give me the car,’’ Ally testified.

Ally told the court he was busy directing him to the receptionist when he opened fire on him and Mohammed. Ally was hit in his left arm, chin and chest while Mohammed’s upper body was riddled with bullets. He testified that he wanted to help Mohammed but was bleeding profusely from his own wounds. Ally (63) who recovered from the attack testified that he suffers from pain and is on permanent medication.

Adv Jan Nkhahle, for the defence, argued that Sekgoro claims he begged for his car whereafter Mohammed threatened to shoot him. He said that Ally told Mohammed to “shoot the bastard’’ and that he acted in self-defence.

Ally denied this, saying Sekgoro is lying.

Adv Riekie Krause, for the state, showed CCTV-footage of the shooting. It shows Sekgoro entering the office, Mohammed sits in his chair with his face away from the door. Ally is facing the door while Mohammed is talking on his phone. Then Sekgoro starts shooting.

Soomra limped to the witness bench. His one leg is shorter than the other after one of the six gunshots wounding him, went through his leg. He testified that Sekgoro was at the showroom at 11:00 that morning to enquire about Farouk Dangor, owner of Speedy Car Sales. “Farouk was out of town. He said he wanted his car and I phoned our lawyer. He said because of a pending court case, that his (Sekgoro’s) attorney should contact him.’’

Soomra testified that Sekgoro didn’t leave the dealership and hung around. He testified that he was in the showroom when he heard noises in Dangor’s office. When he went closer, Sekgoro allegedly opened fire on him. The CCTV footage shows how Sekgoro chases Soomra while he tries to hide behind vehicles in the showroom. “I thought I was going to die. He kept on shooting and shooting,’’ he testified.

Sekgoro’s defence again denied this, saying he claims that Soomra shot at him first. No other weapon is visible on the CCTV footage shown to court.

The trial continues.