Supra’s turnaround strategy works for him

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Editor's Viewpoint

When he addressed guests at several SOPA gatherings and other events dominated by his comrades, former North West Premier, Supra Mahumapelo declared that after leaving the provincial administration and his term as chairperson of the ANC’s provincial executive committee, (PEC), he would opt out of the leadership position of the movement and rather drive a political education programme for the liberation movement. He would serve the ANC in that position, he vowed,
As a dedicated leader of the ANC, the straight-talking Mahumapelo strongly criticized disgruntled members who at every chance take the ANC to court to challenge leadership decisions legally. Mahumapelo warned such members that the ANC would take tough and decisive action against any member who fights their battles in court.

EFF pitches Manifesto

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Editor's Viewpoint

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has set their election manifesto at the highest pitch possible which among the thousands or millions as the party says, drew wide spread applaud from among EFF supporters and maybe lesser criticism from political observers wide and far.

Maimane’s DA floating in confusion on foreigners

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Editor's Viewpoint

Not so long ago, the Democratic Alliance (DA) made public their stance against the uncontrolled influx of foreign nationals into South Africa and took the ANC-led government to task for having opened the flood gates to millions of foreigners after the new dispensation . In fact, when announcing their objection to the country’s relaxed approach to the millions who get into the country through a number of illegal ways under the pretext of seeking jobs, asylum and claiming to be running away from their abusive countries where many are being killed by rebels fighting against their governments, the DA threatened to close the borders on their own.