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The High Court developments pertaining to Bahurutshe Boo’Manyana tribe

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

Mmasebudule and Motswedi are under chieftainship of Brigadier General K.D. Mangope, the acting chief for Bahurutshe Boo-Manyana ‘Mmasebudule is rich with chrome of high quality and benefits only individual(s). What villagers endure are devastation of their maize fields, graze land, nonexistence of social labour plans and the undisclosed royalties records’

Motlhabane receives protestors memorandum

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

MAHIKENG MAIL- MAHIKENG: The community of Kanana Township near Orkney embarked on a massive but peaceful march against crime this week.
This comes after the community felt that ‘enough is enough’ and that they no longer want to live in fear for their lives. This is due to the escalating level of crime particularly gangsterism that is rife and worsening on daily basis. Young people, women and children are terrorized, raped and murdered by gang members without fearing arrest by police. Houses are broken into, others are torched ransacked and goods are taken by these groups through knife and gun pointing from residents.

Interest Rate Opportunity!

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

The current interest rates provide a window of opportunity for home buyers.
If You are deciding to upgrade or trying to acquire your first property; now would be a good time to buy. This follows last months’ decision by the Reserve bank to leave the repo rate and prime rate unchanged at 6.75% and 10.25% repectively. This is likely to remain the same at least until after the general election in May.This is good news for consumers who were already under pressure from the recent fuel hikes and the looming electricity traffic hikes from Eskom.

Western Cape ANCYL in solidarity with oppressed people of Palestine

Written by Christelle Niemandt. Posted in Letters

As we close International Israel Apartheid Week, the African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL), in line with our party’s 54th National Conference resolutions and democratic constitution affirms our unwavering commitment to the struggle of the oppressed Palestinian people, and our condemnation of the apartheid state of Israel for not heeding the calls to work towards a peaceful solution and withdrawal from occupied territories.
Our position remains in support of the total emancipation of the Palestinian people.