Kidney for Klerksdorp patient

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp - A patient at the Klerksdorp renal unit patient recently underwent a successful kidney transplant.

According to the hospital spokesperson Nico Masiu, the 31-year-old Bonakele John Kalipa has been waiting for 8 years for a kidney. He was on haemodialysis for a duration of four hours, three times a week in Klerksdorp hospital and was fully worked up for renal transplantation by the team led by Nephrologist Dr Wanis Shali.

A lifesaving call from the transplant unit in Charlotte Maxeke Hospital, Johannesburg was received in the morning of 24 January for a kidney transplant.

Kalipa who was at work when the call came, was transported from Klerksdorp hospital to Charlotte Maxeke hospital by Dr Nasreen Daniels in her car to avoid any delays and she delivered the patient in less than 2 hours.

Her act of kindness has changed the life of this young man forever.

The surgery was completed that same evening and he was discharged on 7 February. “We congratulate the Klerksdorp Renal Dialysis team for their dedicated work and thank the Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg hospital team for their support and exceptional work when coming to transplant procedure. It’s been a long time that a patient in the Klerksdorp Renal Unit received a transplant as the last time it occurred was in November 2015.

“We always appreciate those people who sacrifice to give hope and happiness to others during their hard times, despite the unfortunate circumstance they find themselves in. We appreciate their sacrifice and to give new life for those awaiting transplant. Whilst, at the same time facing difficulties of loss of a loved one,” acting CEO Dr Mpho Dikhing-Mahole said.

The Hospital said despite Kalipa’s kidney failure, he never gave up and continued to be productive and worked 7 days a week.

Dr Shali said: “It was a pleasurable moment when Kalipa visited the unit with his family after he was successfully discharged from Charlotte Ma-xeke Johannesburg hospital. We take this opportunity to encourage people in our communities to register as organ donors and continue to give hope and happiness for others in need, and save lives. We always have an open door to anyone who is willing to be a donor.”

Kalipa said: “Since the transplant, there’s changes from my body including facial appearance and skin complexion. I am now energized, I have time to blend with my family. My sincere heart felt thanks to the renal unit team for their treatment, support and encouragement. And thanks to my family and friends who supported me throughout. Let alone, my colleagues who understood my situation and was willing to always give support.

“To those who in their busy schedule took time to arrange and transported me to Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg hospital, thanks to your selflessness and willingness to make a difference in my life. To the community, register to be donors, and do not be afraid to donate your organs. It can save a life,” he said.