Eat out but no drink out in level 3

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Klerksdorp Midweek, Klerksdorp – Restaurants, casinos and cinemas are set to reopen as soon as the safety protocols are published. Restaurants and casinos however, may not serve alcohol to their patrons.

According to the regulations, the serving of alcohol remains prohibited and therefor bars, taverns and shebeens have to stay closed.

Read what else you need to know about the new regulations:
- Only 50 people will be allowed in cinemas and theatres. While specific safety rules are still awaited, Cogta says only 50 people may be in a cinema and the theatre at a time. For cinemas, tickets must be sold “through a booking system”.
- You can now train/exercise in a small group (not more than four people) between 06:00 to 18:00.
- Contact sports will be allowed but this will be for “training” only, and subject to new rules from the department of health - which have not yet been published.
- Gyms however remain closed. Sports fields and swimming pools can be open for training of professional athletes and non-contact sports matches.
- Fêtes and bazaars as well as night clubs must remain closed. Also accommodation in private homes, like Airbnb, remain banned.
- Beaches and public parks are also still off limits.
- Domestic passenger air travel, as well as passenger ships, for leisure purposes, are not allowed. Movement between provinces remains prohibited, with a number of exceptions, including work, funerals, caring for an immediate family member, and school or university.